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Thank you for your interest in our services. Now we offer you a convenient way to reserve and book our limousines. We have our contract available as PDF file.

Some of our services like Proms, Weddings or special events require our clients to fill out a bonding contract. Proof of signature and credit card deposit is required as well. Deposit is usually 20-30 percent of the total price.

FAX Instructions

  1. Download the contract
  2. Complete application
    Fill out all the necessary information on the computer
    Include MasterCard, Visa or American Express payment information
    Sign the contract
  3. Fax it to    (800) 786-0234

Please fill out all the fields on the computer before you print it out.

** Depending on your connection speed it may take from a few seconds to a minute to open.

Print it, Sign it and Fax it to (800) 786-0234