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Greek Wedding Limousine in NYC

Greek Wedding Limousine in NYC

If  You plan to get married in New York you definitely need to consider our company as the premier limousine service for Greek Wedding Style Limousine Service in NYC. We have many years of experience serving Greek communities and provided limousine service for many Greek style weddings. Our limousine service is very affordable and you will get VIP treatment for your Greek wedding in New York with most luxurious fleet of limousines that are currently on the market. We can customize Your rental according to your wishes and you can travel around NYC like a celebrity  and ride around with extravagant style.

Our Greek Wedding limousine service is great for wedding transportation of bridal party as well as the bride and the groom in a lead car such as Rolls Royce or Bentley limousine. We also provide Greek wedding limousine service for guest in one of our exotic limousines or coach bus. Booking process is very easy and straightforward and our Greek Wedding limousine booking agents are ready to answer all your questions by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or you can also come to our office and discuss all the details in person. We pride ourselves in being very responsive to customer needs and provide top notch Greek Wedding limousine service and we have many returning clients that recommend our Greek wedding limo service to their family, friends and colleagues.

We include here some of the Greek Wedding traditions and celebrations:

Even before the betrothal, the mother of the bride usually spends years collecting various household items for her daughter’s dowry. When the dowry has been presented to the couple, local girls volunteer to set up and decorate the newlywed’s home.

When the groom proposes, he is expected to ask the father for the daughter’s hand in marriage before the bride. A betrothal service is held when the engagement becomes official and the rings are blessed by the priest, they are later blessed once more during the marriage ceremony because they are usually the same rings.

During the engagement, the bride and groom wear their rings on the left hand and after they are married, the couple switches their rings to the right. Before the ceremony, musicians accompany the groom and his attendants to the church and then they make their way back to pick up and accompany the bride.

In the Greek tradition, the bride and groom are honored as queen and king for the day, and so during the ceremony they wear crowns made of either gold or orange blossoms that are connected with a ribbon to signify the union.

The best man (Koumbaros) leads the ceremony along with the priest and he is the one who places the crown on the couple’s heads. He also exchanges the rings between the bride and groom 3 times to remind the couple that in married life, the weaknesses of one are compensated by the strengths of the other and vice versa.

When the ceremony is complete, the bride and groom walk around the altar three times to symbolize the trinity and their first walk as a married couple.

During the reception, traditional Greek food is served and guests dance to Greek music in the traditional style. During one of the newlywed dances, guests pin money onto the bride and after the celebration, dishes are smashed on the floor with choruses of “opa” for good luck.

Our Greek Wedding Limousine service is also providing wedding limousine rental for other cultural weddings:



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