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New York Prom Limousine

2016 Prom season is in full swing and now is the time to secure Your New York Prom Limousine before it is too late and all the prom limousines are already booked.  Don’t wait because prom season is one of the busiest times for limo companies.  It’s a lifetime memory event for everybody and at the same time the demand is very high.  All the students like You want every single thing to be absolute perfect just like you do that's why the time is of the essence. You have to remember that the only ones who get everything the way they want it,  are the prom students who plan early. As the prom night  gets closer, limousine companies with most exotic and nicest prom limos in top condition will be completely booked and that is why You have to plan to book Hummer Jet Limousine for Prom or Escalade limo or Range Rover Limousine for prom very early. All it takes is to sign the contract with $500 deposit so why wait if You can put together money and secure prom limousine booking.

What can happen if you wait with your limousine booking ?  Well, winter is the time to reserve it, as spring is already a high-demand time that exceeds the supply of quality vehicles.  The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay and risk not getting of what you wanted. You can for sure expect to pay a hefty premium if you are making a desperate last-minute search, and that’s if you can even find a limo at all.  And last minute doesn’t mean the week of prom.  By the end of May, you’re going to be sweating if you still don’t have your ride reserved.

The secret to a great prom limo rental means doing three things as you comparison shop.

ONE:  Only go with licensed company with proper insurance coverage and make sure that company is licensed with New York State DOT. Company should have a NYSDOT number marked on the door of each limousine that they are renting.  An accident in a unlicensed vehicle can mean you are injured with no insurance to cover you. Also the limousine that You rented  could be stopped and impounded by the cops. Worse case scenario would be that  you put down a deposit only to have a no-show since there’s no contract and no official regulatory authority to guarantee it.

TWO:  Make sure that the  company has a fleet of cars that they advertise as many companies rents vehicles that they dont even own.ans sometimes overbook themselves and  are not be able to 100% guarantee a certain ride on your prom night.  The company they farm-out too  will be booked like crazy, and one late booking can spell disaster up and down the chain.  A company like Star City Limousine with its own exotic limousine fleet has enough vehicles to do a bit of juggling and we guarantee that we do not overbook our cars and once secure Your reservation, You will definitely get what You have ordered. 

THREE:  We are somewhat negotiable but You should negotiate from reality.  Limousines for prom don’t rent for just one hour and there are certain minimums. You have to pay while the limo waits for you at the prom  event and if you choose a very high-demand vehicle, then you might have to make a longer booking.  Decide what you want ahead of time: the lowest price or the hottest vehicle. If you try to get both, most likely you will not get either.



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